Tuesday, January 5, 2010

options: you have them

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By Anna Garza

The sun will come out tomorrow... or at least will make a guest appearance at some point. Don't let the seven day weather forecast get you down. There is a lot of exciting stuff going on this week/end and it has your name written all over it. Yes, YOU!

Wednesday January 6 at the Backroom / Mink

Golden Cities, Great Hopes, Dirty Wheels, Spelling Bee, Curtis Tinsley & DJs No Fun & King Ghidora. Fans of ambient/shoegaze/drone/pop music will dig Golden Cities. Their music is ideal to listen to with the headphones on, lights off, dancing around naked in your bedroom; oops… that’s just me. Anywho. I am not clear on the Mink's policy regarding nudity so keep your clothes on during this show. I, on the other hand, can't make any promises. Doors at 9pm. $5/$8 3718 Main @ Alabama

Thursday January 7 at the Backroom / Mink

I was told by a reliable source that boats!! are from Sacramento, CA. However, I was informed by a more reliable source (like the boats!! Myspace page) that they actually hail from Winnipeg, Canada. Whatever the case may be, they ain't from here. boats!! play bouncy and infectious pop music with adorable girl vocals. Local rabble rousers The Takes, The Wrong Ones and The Caprolites complete the lineup. I wonder if the guitarist from The Takes can keep (at least) one shoe on during their entire set. Things that make you go hmmm... Doors at 9pm. $8 3718 Main @ Alabama

Friday January 8 at Mango's

Booking collective Flavored Woof are back in Twenty Ten with their first offering of the new year: Yellow Fever, Giant Princess, The Wiggins and Psychic Kids. I predict lots of smiling and dancing will commence that evening so if that sounds like your kind of fun then Mango's is the place to be. All ages. Doors at 8. $5 403 Westheimer

Saturday January 9 at The Backroom / The Mink

Houston punk historian, David Ensminger, organized this benefit show for a friend and fellow musician named Tim O. who is battling cancer. A mixture of old and new school punk rockers are joining forces for an ole fashioned musical revue. Below is an exclusive preview of what to expect:

Goddamn Job by the Replacements (w/Jimmy Sanchez!)
Teaching You the Fear by Really Red (w/ the Mydolls!)
Prostitution by Really Red (w/ Bob Weber & Beau Beasley!)
I Was a Teenage Fuck Up by Really Red (with John Anarchitex & Bob Weber!)
Bullet, and Hybrid Moments by the Misfits (w/Vicky from London Girl)
Hate the Police (at least) by the Dicks (with JR Delgado)

Are you a believer now?

The show will be EARLY 8-10 PM. Doors at 7-8pm. Not sure of the cover charge but it is a benefit so don’t be stingy. 3718 Main @ Alabama

Sunday January 10 @ Khon's

End your weekend on a high note with The Energy (htx), The Sinks (mpls) & The Altars (atx & featuring members of Signal Lost, Sacred Shock & J Church). I listened to the Altar's record the other night and my mind was blown. Fans of punk/hardcore, this show is for you. Khon's 2808 Milam (next to Pho Saigon) 10pm $8 ALL AGES


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