Wednesday, December 23, 2009

H.R.A.'s early Christmas present to you: A FREE SHOW TONIGHT

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By Anna Garza

Around this time last year, Rosa Ditchwater and I hosted an elegant holiday soiree at Leon's Lounge featuring DJ Bill Fool and live entertainment from Battle Rifle, Chocolate Crucifix and The Assholes. With an intimate yet festive gathering of family, friends and a rando or two (or three or four or five), the night was guaranteed to not be a silent night or a holy night. All was definitely not calm and, definitely, not bright.

To make a long story short, after a few broken beer bottles, a tampered with chandelier, MANY inebriated party-goers and a (very) nervous bar staff, Ms. Rosa and I were kindly informed, effective immediately, our show would be the first and last punk/hardcore show welcomed at Leon's. Sigh. It could have been the beginning of a beautiful relationship. xBAH HUMBUGx I blame all the tomfoolery on Satan, er...I mean, Santa.

What a difference a year makes...or not. The ban on punk/hardcore shows at Leon's Lounge has not been lifted and Rosa and I are still regulars for happy hour. However, the most notable occurrence is the name change of The Assholes to H.R.A.(Heavy Roach Activity).

Formed in 2008 by Francisco Pulido (HypoChristians) and Robert Mena, H.R.A. had revolving band members until now. The most recent and stable line-up includes Orange Robert (HypoChristians and Chocolate Crucifix) on bass and Andy Chaos on drums. If you are a fan of fast, brutal, early 80's hardcore such as Septic Death, DRI, Negative Approach, etc, then run – do not walk to the White Swan tonight to check out H.R.A. Not only will H.R.A. and pals serenade you with beautiful Christmas carols, free food is available too. Included on the bill are Obama Nation, Brutally Normal, Pistoleros De Texas & Los De Verdad. Show starts at 7pm. White Swan 4419 Navigation Blvd.


At December 23, 2009 at 9:32 AM , Blogger ms. rosa said...

"Obama Nation" for best new band name.


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