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World's Greatest Stage Dive

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By Jacob Calle

I don't think anyone should ever compliment someone's acrobatic skills when they do a stage dive after watching CRegg, the lead singer of the band Boy Hits Car. And I thought I was rad for flipping off the upstairs balcony into the crowd during Andrew WK at Fitzgerald's! I came across this on the internerd and I HAD to pick this guy's brain. WHY! HOW! and...WHY?!?!?!

Jacob: When people stage dive they are merely just falling into the crowd chest first and it looks rather silly. You on the other hand take stage diving to a new level. When did you decide that you were going to be a stage diving stuntman.

CRegg: Ummm, I guess there was never a decision; I grew up with a family of 'stunties', and when I began attending hardcore, thrash, and punk shows as a teen, everyone was diving face first, but I sorta would always roll into a flip, landing in the crowd on my back. When I formed the band, I suppose it naturally carried over into our live shows.

J: You hold the world record for the highest stage dive. Do you own a plaque from Guiness World Records or do you just positively know that this is the world's highest?

C: It would certainly be cool to have it confirmed by Guiness, but that has yet to happen, and I'm not certain its the highest ever, but I wouldn't be surprised.

J: What other heights have you jumped from that were pretty impressive and what made you decide to jump from those heights to your apex jump.

C: Not really sure of exact heights; growing up, my cousins had a fall pad in the back yard next to a telephone pole, so when we'd visit, they would show us the proper way to fall, and do 'headers', etc. Its usually not a conscious decision to launch into the crowd; its being caught up in the energy of the moment and going with it. When I would attend shows back in the day, everyone seemed to be up on stage at some point rocking out with the band before diving back into crowd.

J: Did your band know that you were going to jump? To some people that is suicide.
Just what were your thoughts when you were up there? Obviously you had death in your mind. This wasn't a stage dive stunt that you were just going to walk away from. It was either you lived or you were dead.

C: No, I didn't even plan on jumping. Wanted to get a better vantage point to view the crowd, but once I climbed up and lowered myself onto the speakers, I got a bit of vertigo cause the speakers began to shift and move. I recall not wanting any part of it, but I couldn't pull myself back into the rafters. I was stuck, and the whole crowd was chanting "JUMP-JUMP-JUMP". Looking back, it seems my choices were to wait for the fire department and a long enough ladder, or charge it.

J: And the hands? Some people are taller than others. You weren't afraid of weight distribution and the higher hands caught your spine first and your back would have been snapped?

C: Didn't take the time to think it ALL through. Fact was, I put myself in a bad situation, the crowd seemed into it, and it looked do-able if I pushed out enough. Bottom line is I was very lucky no one else got hurt.

J: Ok, obviously you are a crazy fucker. haha What were you taking at the time of that jump?

C: Other than warm tea, and sleep deprivation, I was dead sober.

J: Have you always wanted to jump at this great height or were you in the moment.

C: Totally in the moment.

J: And your parents and friends? I'm sure you got some good talkin' to's right?

C: Oh yah, they wern't pleased.

J: I'm sure your fan base grew rapidly and more attendees came to shows to see your infamous jumps out of curiosity right?

C: Its seems that way, which is cool, as long as thats not the only reason.

J: I'm assuming this isn't the only loud thing you have done. Anything else we should know about?

C: Aside from normal everyday surfing, skating, mountain biking, etc. I've done some stunt work thats been a bit hairy, but nothing like 'the jump'.

J: I've watched your dive literally over 50 times. It's a magnet. I can't stop watching that fall. I'm attracted to it. When you land the crowd is ecstatic and going nuts for you! They have no idea if you are alive. You could just be a crowd surfing carcass and they would have no idea. How did you feel emotionally when you were being carried.

C: Happy to be alive, and that no one else seemed injured. I didn't have much time to really take it all in, as I was in an ambulance shortly after, but all turned out fine.

J: We're you in pain? I'm sure you have a chiropractor now on hand for your lethal jumps right?

C: Ha, yah that would be nice; unfortunately its not in our budget. I had some initial pain, but the adrenalin numbed it I suppose. Was pretty sore the next day though.

J: What's an interview with a band without talking about your band. You've got your new record coming out. Got a release date for it?

C: Finishing up the final recording touch's, so hopefully sometime first half of 2010.

J: What's it called and is there anything else you wanna throw out, name drop, or add?

C: LOVECORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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