Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shake Your Noise Maker

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By Anna Garza

Exeunt, 2009!

In between the glasses of champagne and midnight smooches, don't forget to peek outside and take a gander at the blue moon tonight because it won't happen again until 2028.

Out of curiosity, where will you be ringing in the new year? If the prospect of celebrating NYE with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest doesn't float your boat, below are a few options to explore. Assemble your crew and don't be tardy for the party.

The Back Room / Mink: Flowers to Hide, If the War Should End and a DJ set by The Watermarks. Doors open a 9pm. 18 + $10. Back Room / Mink 3718 Main St.

Mango's: Do yourself a favor and arrive early because parking will be a beeeyotch if you don't. You know the place will be PACKED! Check out the lineup: Sideshow Tramps, B L A C K I E, Grandfather Child, Robert Ellis and the boys, The Manichean, Female Demand ( EP Release), Hollywood Floss. All ages. $10. Mango's 403 Westheimer.

Super Happy Fun Land: A show where the probability of the fireworks, party favors & noise makers will be used as actual instruments. QUESTION: WILL RUSTED SHUT EVEN SHOW UP? Bryce Clayton Eiman, The Annoysters, Muzak John, Andrew Weathers, Instinct Control, Peter J. Woods, Richard Ramirez, Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except, a Fail Association, Concrete Violin, Zahava, Cop Warmth, Dogs Hit Taco, How I Quit Crack, Rusted Shut, Kyle Evans, & Thunder Puppet. 8pm. $10. SHFL 3801 Polk St.

Fitzgerald's: Put on your best outfit, polish those shoes, grab your favorite gal / guy and dance the night away with Felipe Galvan & Los Skarnales. This show will be F to the U to the N! The Jungle Rockers, Subrosa Union, The B Sharps, Suckerfish. $10. Fitzgerald's 2706 White Oak Drive

White Swan: Aw damn.... billed as the "last all ages show" at White Swan, grind into 2010 Gulf Coast Hardcore style with War Master, PLF, Dissent & NIBIRU. The show is FREE FREE FREE. Word on the street is there will be an after party too. Ask Pretty Little Frank for details. Did I mention this show is free? White Swan 4419 Navigation Blvd

Boondocks: DJs galore will be spinning you round like a record, baby. Go Go Garcia, Damon Allen, Fredster and Johnny Moon Townsend will get yo booty on the dance floor starting at 10pm. 21+ free / 18 + $5. Boondocks 1417 Westheimer

Numbers: a $2010 cash balloon drop at midnight, free party favors, CDs and plenty of classic 80's music to showcase all your gothic dance moves. I attended this bash last year (don't judge, I got in for free) and didn't catch one freakin' dollar from the balloon drop. Naw, I'm not bitter but maybe you will have better luck tonight. $10 before 10 pm. #'s 300 Westheimer

Cheers to 2010 and another chance for us to get it right. So let's get it right, people! Now pass the cabbage and black eyed peas, please.


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