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Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - Feb 21st (Free Press Birthday Party Edition)

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No recap this week my friends. While I did score a CD-R from Jenny Westbury (it is awesomeness) and I do have to run by Sound Exchange today and grab a copy of Dull Knife #4 and clear out my hold shelf (Peter Brotzman and Barkhard if you must know), it's been a week bereft of booze and bands. Even curmudgeons need a break.


Sat., February 23 -
Free Press 5 Year Anniversary Clutch-time Scheizzer, featuring
Sideshow Tramps, Studemont Project, Ceeplus Bad Knives, Piano Vines, H-Town Zillionaires, & The Free Press Houston Clutch-time Orchestra
@ Super Happy Fun Land ($8)
Yeah, we turn 5 and throw ourselves a party and where else but the new deluxe and swanky Super Happy Fun Land on Polk. Omar and and his henchmen have been working hard using death threats and blackmail to get some of their favorite acts to play and it seems that their hard work has paid off. You pretty much know the cast: The Tramps have been local favorites for a while now and they can bring the party just about anywhere, Studemenot Project are readying for their apprearance at SXSW next month, Ceeplus is one of Houston's most ubiquitous DJs, Space City Rock has been raving about Piano Vines, Johnathan Welch of Million Year Dance (also making appearing at SXSW) fame will also be performing, and H-Town Zillionaires will bring the crunk. I don't know why but I am in total fear of the Free Press Houston Clutch Time Orchestra and Omar breaking out into Phil Collins songs.


Friday, February 22 -
Awake, Kvalla, Potbelly
@ Rudyard's
Danny Mee (Jonx drummer extraordinaire, KTRU Mutant hardcore Flower Hour co-host, and sometime writer for the Houston Press) is getting ready to leave us for Austin. I'd been meaning to catch Kvalla solely based on his drumming but that may not be happening to my disappointment. nevertheless you should head on out - the guy is incredible and Houston will miss his ceaseless energy and creativity. (Fear not Jonx fans, the Jonx will live as a Houston/Austin band.) I also have to give some props to Awake who I saw open up for Jesu and they put on a great show of slow melodic dirges somewhere between Codeine and Earth - pretty sweet stuff.

Fri., February 22
The Mighty Orq (CD release), Tody Castillo, James Reese Band
@ The Meridian (Red Room)
The blues-rock Mighty Orq have a new CD that they are quite excited about. The pop stylings of Tody Castillo will precede.

Sat., February 23 -
Rebel Crew/Joe B/U.N.T./Karina/606/Suma/ill-Set/Kool B
@ The AvantGarden
Daaaaaaaaaaamn! Hey, Magic 8 Ball, Will there be much bootie shakin'?
"All signs point to yes!"
Thank you Magic 8 Ball.

Sat., February 23 -
The Hungry Villagers
@ Notsuoh
I saw Abe of Hungry Villagers perform with Wols and his guitar playing was simply gorgeous. I'd been stoked to see them ever since.

Tues., February 26 -
NOFX, No Use For A Name, The Flatliners, Latch Key Kids, The Hates
@ Warehouse Live
Hey that band with that guy with the hair and the Vespa! Yeah them! They're playing with that NOFX band.

Tues., February 26 -
Aunt Dracula/The Wiggins/Wicked Poseur/Bully Pulpit
@ The Backroom (The Mink)
Despite the awful name Philadelphia's Aunt Dracula make some great Neo-psychedelia that put that crappy Outback Steakhouse houseband to shame. But wait that's not all!! They've also pitted the brilliance of one man dance party The Wiggins against the awesomeness of two man dance party Wicked Poseur - let the blood bath begin! Bonus is Bully Pulpit opening - I was just (I shit you not) wondering where'd they gone off to. What rat bastards booked this show on a weeknight?!

Hey lookee, it's a new subsection celebrating fine poster art. (I'm no art critic but I know what I like). This week's awesomesauce poster is by Daniel Shaw for tomorrow night's art opening at Sound Ex..


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