Monday, February 11, 2008

Educate Yourself; Texas Political Primary

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Political news from across the state... HERE.


At February 19, 2008 at 10:55 AM , Blogger texas reader said...

11 Reasons why Im rebelling against what's popular and supporting Hillary Clinton:

• Hillary's top priority when she takes office will be to end the war in Iraq and rebuild America's standing in the world.
• Hillarys plan addresses America’s economic challenges and includes a 13-page economic blue print for rebuilding the middle-class.
• Hillary will provide universal healthcare that covers everyone and offers choices for families while improving quality and reducing costs.
• Her energy agenda is designed to create 5 million new green jobs by investing in energy efficiency.
• Will work to improve our schools and making college affordable
• Hillary’s plan addresses the housing crisis, mortgage lending abuses and protects homeowners.
• Hillary’s plan includes creating opportunities for farmers and rural America.
• Fulfilling promises to veterans
• Protecting civil rights and fighting discrimination in the 21st century
• Strengthening our democracy
• A retirement security: 401(k) plan for all Americans

For details on the above summary and more visit

An obvious difference between Hillary’s home page content and her opponents:

Unlke her opponent -
Clinton’s homepage consistently shows hat she has her finger on the pulse of this nation.
She always addresses national news on the front and top of her homepage.

Unlike her opponent -
Last week Hillary left a message of condolence for the citizen’s of Illinois who suffered a senseless tragic shooting.
Yesterday she addressed the beef recall.
Today she addressed Fidel Castors resignation.

These actions provide great insight into the kind of leadership Hillary Clinton will bring to the White House.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for us, a vote for our children’s future and a vote for a stronger America.

At February 21, 2008 at 2:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Texas! I own 20 acres in Hudspeth Co. The Urban Dictionary describes Flung-Dung as "whatever you want it to be." Presidential race is heating up, so are the woman. Duck! Flung-Dung has begun. Nothing equals the wrath of a scorned woman. Masters of the art of Flung-Dung, the Clintons are on the prod along with Cindy McCain; none of which are clean enough to be squeaking. Clinton's eight year reign was not skeleton-free. Those questionable connections, an untimely death, cloudy dealings, shady ladies and a whopper seedy sex scandal, are part of Clinton's resume. Cindy McCain's personal skeletons fell out of her closet years back. Likewise, for sanctimonious Johnny-Be-Good.

Quite a contrast to Hillary and Cindy's frivilous overkill directed at Michele and Barack Obama over a few mere use of words. Influence seeking Cindy and Hillary wear the pants and ride on their hubby's coat-tails "Hooked on Phonics" is not their drug of choice, double-speak is closer. What the're really hooked on is becoming first lady and first lady; riddling any oppostion in their path. Appears they slept through Woman's Etiquette 101 but doubt foolish beer heir and hubby,Johnny-Be-Good,slept much through Keating Five 101 that led to the huge infamous savings and loan crash that cost taxpayers $3.4 Billion; tip of McCain's iceberg. Much Flung-Dung raises the hair of the Party you're beholding to.

Time for good D's and good R's to head for higher ground. Obama is a cut above!


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