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Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - Belated February 8th Edition

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Sorry, if I'm a bit late this week - work's been a bear.

Goodbye Proletariat

Friday was a blast. Cop Warmth played a good set. I have to admit though I miss Leah on vocals. The juxtaposition of her paranoia set against Craig and Zllatan's hyperactive/spastic guitar and drums were always priceless. I don't think I'd seen a band that made stage fright so charming since Ms. Carriage and the Casual Tease. Oh Pioneers ripped through a great set of the aggressive and melodic with Chris Ryan showing everyone why he'll be sorely missed backing up Eric on the kit. Whorehound was a big surprise as John's voice was gone. You'd have thought that no vocals would have been a handicap but it only highlighted the heaviness of the band. Picture a whole set that sounds like the galloping second half of Into The Void by Black Sabbath and you'll have a pretty good idea how great they were. The night closed with the Fatal Flying Guilloteens who played a solid set, knocked my camera right out of my hands and onto the floor, and generally tore-up the place (see picture). Typical FFG mayhem but, unfortunately, the testosterone was too much for some and a few fights broke out which were more tedious and distracting than anything else.

Saturday, you knew there was something special happening when the line to get in wrapped around the block. Everyone was in a great mood and the atmosphere was that of the most celebratory wake ever. By the time Elaine Greer began, the place had Fire Code Violation written all over it. Greer's set was lovely and the band really enhanced the songs. I particularly liked Nick Cody's understated guitar work. Hearts of Animals followed up with the unexpected back-up from the Dimes who tore through Lost in The Translation like nobody's business. Nice dual guitar leads by Cley and Mlee on the solo by the way. The rest of the HOA set was, to quote Ben Murphey "On Fire!" By the way, HOA was having her 7" release show that night - I got #3! The Dimes then followed and ripped through their set with Mlee Suprean returning the favor by adding her vocals and guitar to the festivities. The Dimes have been killing again since their last Grey Ghost entry and this only went to highlight that the band sounds as fresh and rejuvenated as ever - if they could just get that damn follow up record done! Kudos by the way to DJs ADR and BDM for keeping the party going. Now, here is an odd thing - Fiery Furnaces felt, to me, an afterthought. They were good, don't get me wrong, and I enjoyed them live much more than recorded but here is the thing about the show - the bands that played before knew the club and understood the significance of the evening which that carried over to the audience. The Proletariat meant something to those bands and the audience that it couldn't have meant to Fiery Furnaces. Simply put, this evening belonged to Denise and her beloved Proletariat and, for once and deservedly so, the club overshadowed the headliner. Farewell little dive we will miss you.

Gimme Indie Rock Improv!

Wed., February 13 -
Rob Cambre, David Dove, Jawwaad Taylor Trio
@ Super Happy Fun Land

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Hey, there is that great show Friday at the Mink, The Hearts of Animals/Nick Baldwin show Tuesday at Rudyard’s, and the Dead Meadow/Sharks and Sailors show on Wednesday at The Mink. Why are you spotlighting an improv show? Well, first, it's an interesting Trio. David Dove's Trombone has always been inspiring. I remember once where a stray dog had come in and started barking at a show. Most musicians would have been thrown off by the barking but Dave instead used the intrusion on his performance and began barking back at the dog through his Trombone. That's just the kind of clever and playful stuff that I love about improvisational music. Despite its chin scratching reputation, improvisational music really is about that interaction between musicians at that moment in time which can be fun. Joining Dave will be New Orleans' Rob Cambre whose guitar work has gone into battle with such artists as The Death Posture (with Borbetomagus guitarist Donald Miller), Tatsuya Nakatani, Roger Turner, Suzanne Thorpe, Davey Williams, Frank Gratkowski, Tetuzi Akiyama, Frode Gjerstad, and many others. Last but not least, rapping and on trumpet and electronics is Jawwaad Taylor whose dexterous work you may have seen last time Tom Carter (Charalambides/The Mike Gunn) stepped into town. So, for this week check this out. I think you will be surprised.

Dave Dove Protrait by Bryony McIntyre (Link)


Fri., February 8 -
Balaclavas, Dead Roses, Future Blondes, TENSE + MKF, Hong Kong (aka Indian Jewelry), AND Sixxes (ex-Crash Worship!)
@ The Backroom (The Mink)
Whoa, is this line-up nutters or what?!!! It's kind of like hitting you over the head with awesomeness. First you have Balaclavas who are simply incredible and singular - ya just have to hear them to believe them. Dead Roses has an amazing pedigree a mile long but what’s great about them is they have this old school punky energy which is amazing live. Future Blondes, Tense & MFK, Hong Kong (Indian Jewelry)...Jeez they even brought out someone from Crash Worship. Oh and there is the kitchen sink! This simply put will be the shit. I don't know who booked this, but kudos on an all-star line up.

Fri., February 8 -
Rats in the Attic (CD release), Unlikely Heroes, The Failed Attempt, Deathbed Repentance, Molotov Compromise
@ Dead Baby Distro
(2502 Leeland)
All I know is this was at one Point a Southmore show and now it looks to be at someone's house. Good enough for me!

Sat., February 9 -
Secret Saturday Show,
featuring several mystery bands & DJs

@ The Shady Tavern
(1206 W. 20th St.; 12-5PM, free!)

This week rumor has it The Wild Moccasins will be playing. Shhhh.

Sat., February 9 -
Carolyn Wonderland (in-store)
@ Cactus Music (2110 Portsmouth)

Hey Catus is doing in-stores again. Crazy.

Sat., February 9 -
Labei Ritual, Bestemmia Aeternalis, Throne Of Odin
@ Walter's on Washington

Ok I'll admit it the only reason I mention this show is because there is a band by the name of Throne of Odin. That is one bad-ass name!

Mon., February 11 -
The Monocles
@ Boondocks
This new free Monday boondocks this is shaping up pretty nicely. Too bad it's a bad night for me to go out. Still you should go and the Monocles bring out the garage like champs.

Tues., February 12 -
Hearts of Animals, Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors), Whiskey Priest
@ Rudyard's

All you people who missed Dirty Projectors last time - heads up, Nat Baldwin is in town doing it solo this time. Sure it's a Tuesday night but look who else is on the bill - Hearts of Animals who is one of those artists who I try to catch any show they perform when possible. Bonus is HOA should have the rest of her 7" available for sale. So, here is your chance to grab a copy if you were one of the people last week at the last Prolee show who asked where the Dull Knife merch table was hiding only to find that Brent had bailed during Fiery Furnaces [truth be told it actually got too crowded for him to work a merch table]. Oh and Nick Hall gave a really great review of the HOA over at the Houston Press (link). So make sure to brew some extra coffee Wednesday this will be worth it.

Wed., February 13 -
Dead Meadow,
Sharks and Sailors, Southern Bellugosi
@ The Backroom (The Mink)
Yes, load up the bong Dead Meadow is coming back to take your soul. Bonus is they'll be doing it with Sharks and Sailors who are also on my must catch every show when I can list. Their last performance at Rudz was simply incredible and I'm sure this will be no different. When they went into Rickshaw last time it was like the room exploded! The metalheads were just out of control when the dissonant harmonics rang and who could blame them? The Trio is simply a force of nature when they are firing on all cylinders. Come on out and see why I've been chomping at the bit for their long awaited (and I mean LOOOOONG awaited) album top finally see daylight. Oh and PS I dig their new The Jon Benet designed shirts.


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