Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - February 14th Edition <3 <3 <3

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 7:08 AM

Well, as planned I sat on my ass this week - mostly. I got a hall pass from my band and went off to see Hearts of Animals open for Nat Baldwin of Dirty Projectors which was a hoot from beginning to end. The opening act, Whiskey Priest, played some nice acoustic stuff - well sung and performed but his lyrics could have used a few less clichés. Still a good performance and the fellow on the electric guitar accompanying him had some really sweet slide work - very moody and ambient. Hearts of Animals played a rip roaring set and I think I'd somehow had enough Stellas by that point where I was pretty much stoned on booze which made for an interesting aural experience - kind of like sitting in your room with headphones with your bong at hand. The HOA power book was out for the count so she was relying on her Casio to fully back-up her guitar and voice which actually made for a pretty intimate and stripped down performance. She even played a new song which, to my amusement, used the Trio "Da-Da-Da" Casio beat. Awesome and wonderful! Last up was Nat Baldwin and his ensemble who played with the dexterity and wit of a jazz improv band. If you are like me and thought all the hype over the Dirty Projectors' Black Flag album was a bit much, that the album was better in concept than in execution and, that it was more quaint and precious than emotionally gripping; you may be surprised by Nat Baldwin. His performance was everything I expected from the Dirty Projectors but they never delivered- Baldwin performance was immediate, playful, clever, and most of all not at all self-aware but very natural. So a fun night, good crowd, and hell it was Rudz which is always goodness. Bad news is I had to sleep my way through work the following day and when I got home I fell right asleep and missed Dead Meadow with Sharks and Sailors at the Mink. Such is the price one pays for going out on a weekday.


Mon., February 18 -
Tambersauro, Calabi Yau, Eat Grapes, Hear You Me
@ Notsuoh

Tambersauro are a scream and I think this is their first Houston show in quite some time. Their drummer, Lance Higdon, is a beast and the band usually is set up center stage with his back facing the audience so you can see his every manic move. The band does prog with all the vim, vigor , and thrilling time changes that you'd expect from the genre but with a sharp compositional skill that makes their songs actually go somewhere and not simply rely on musical dexterity. YYZ? Picture that but, like, crazy! Uh yeah, I guess you could make the Rush comparison except without the bad 2112 outfits and the freaking Ayn Rand lyrics. Also on the bill is Eat Grapes which is always worthy of your time.


Thurs., February 14 -
Grant Hart
@ The Continental Club
Hey, it's something to Husker

Fri., February 15 -
CEX/Extraman, Satin Hooks, Maidenstorm, Lewis Ladder
@ The Backroom (The Mink)
Two words you need to know - Satin Hooks. Catch them now before their newest drummer has an unfortunate gardening accident.

Fri., February 15
Queensryche, Don Dokken
@ Warehouse Live
Get all your sucking out of the way this year in one place on one night. Or alternately you could go and find out if these bands are as awful or worse than you remeber them being back in the 80's.

Sat., February 16 -
Know Your Idols, featuring
Bad Brains (by Eye Against),
Jimi Hendrix (by Amplified Heat),
Kiss (by Hell City Kings),
Mötley Crüe (by American Terrorists),
Black Sabbath (by Dead End Lake),
Iron Maiden (by Until Dawn),
Mötörhead (by The Drunks),
David Bowie (by Morgue City),
At the Drive-In (by Jalambo Chispa),
Melvins (by Whorehound),
Tears for Fears (by Mechanical Boy), &
Adolescents (by Dicky Hands)
@ The Meridian
Jesus, could that list be any longer? I'm putting my money down on Amplified Heat and Whorehound.

Sat., February 16 -
Spain Colored Orange, The Drawing Board, Paris Falls
@ Rudyard's
This feels so Deja Vu. Didn't SCO play with Paris Falls recently? No worries it should still be cool.

Mon., February 18 -
The Riot Before, O Pioneers!!!, Altus, The American Sharks, Molotov Compromise
@ The White Swan
Word is that Papermoons are backing up Eric HeartsU of O Pioneers. That should be a pretty sweet pairing.


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