Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spot the Local Music Crumudgeon - Sickish edition

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 8:31 AM

I've been sick with some nasty mucous-producing sinus headache-enhancing cold so expect this edition to be brief, filled with many typos, and even worse grammar than usual.

Here is the sick dude recap:
Last Friday at Rudz:
Sharks and Sailors - kicked ass with all the sonic power and nuance you've come to expect - now in a handy 3 pack!
Ume - New songs are awesome even poppy. Lauren is still one bad ass guitarist. New album still in demo stage - bummer. (See video below)

Yesterday illin' at The Prolee:
Wicked Poseur - First time seeing them. Only saw 2 and 1/2 songs but they were a kick. Love all these bands with drum machines - never thought I'd ever say that.
Bring Back The Guns - In fine form. Matt fell on his ass when jumping on a table - nice. New song at the end ripped as did all the songs you've come to know and love. These guys are so good I fear they get taken for granted.
Woozy Helmet - most per-capita banter of the evening. Cute stuff. I liked the dude who played drums second more on the kit his style was correctly identified as "evil".

Now Some Ume Live

Friday, January 18
The Mathletes (last show of '08!)

FishBoy / Jenny Westbury / Ill Advisory

@ The Proletariat

As I listen to the Mathletes while writing this I'm a little sad. Sigh! Right now Austin is on my shitlist as they are taking away the mastermind behind Houston's happy machine. The Mathletes' Joe Mathlete, is off to Austin for the next few months for a production of Speedy Motorcycle. That means no Mathletes show for the forseeable future. No Gie Gie singing Animals, no Dimes ripping up Asteroids, no Mike Swizer trombone punching up 2003, none of the cool songs that make your day happier will be played on any Houston stage. [It also means that my doing a piece on the Mathletes this Spring has been thwarted.] That sucks and that means you'd better be there tomorrow. Joe says he's going to have a huge ensemble including guests like The Dimes (of course), Miss Gie Gie (who has been sadly missed during the last few shows), Mlee Suprean (Hearts of Animals), Jenny Westbury, Charlie Naked (Defenestration Unit), and a shitload of others. "I'll have a horn section!", he exclaimed yesterday. Bad ass! So there.

Oh yeah and Jenny Westbury will be there. I love Jenny's stuff; it's really hummable acoustic stuff and she has a really charming syncopated vocal delivery which one foolish old-fogie friend dismissed as "too many notes" - don't believe him. Denton's Fishboy are pretty cool poppy stuff which only goes to remind me why Denton is a pretty cool little town. never seen Dunnock's Ill Advisory but looking forward to it. I especially love the smart-ass name. Brilliant!

Friday, January 18
Six Organs of Admittance
The(e) Freed
@ Walter's on Washington
I've heard a bunch of people lump Ben Chasny's Six Organs as "Freak Folk." Sorry he's predated that lazy pigeonhole of marketing term. I mean if that's what it takes you to give it a listen then fine . Whatever you want to call it he puts on some amazing shows and this one should prove no different. The(e) Freed will open up which should be intereting given that the last two shows I've seen have been nothing alike.

Saturday, January 19 Buxton (CD release) / By the End of Tonight / Papermoons / Ghost Mountain @ Walter's on Washington
(admission includes new Buxton album, old album, & EP!)
If you read this at all you will know this is a pretty sweet bill. Buxton does lovely pop stuff, BTEOT is a manic assault of riffs, and Papermoons...well that 7" is playing in the background right now as I write this - gorgeous stuff really.

Saturday, January 19
Megan Williams Benefit Show with
The Winchester Mansions / The Quarantines / The Factory Party / The Kamikaze Overture / The Shiny Darks / Penny Arcade / Brutally Normal / Alarma
@ the Mink
All proceeds from this show will be donated to the Megan Williams Fund and will help Megan's family with her medical and therapy bills.

Saturday, January 19 - Secret Saturday Show, featuring several mystery bands & DJs @ The Shady Tavern (1206 W. 20th St.; 12-5PM, free!)
(Insert standard weekly plug mentionign it's free and secret and a a show here)

Sunday, January 20 Lindsay's Birthday Party, featuring Sabra Laval , Judas Bear, and Sew What @ The Proletariat
Yay Lindsay! You got Sabra on your birthday - that is pretty bad ass! Much cooler than a magic show! {hey they just added Judas bear and Sew What!]

Sunday, January 20 MGMT / Yeasayer @ Walter's on Washington
MGMT do some pretty cute stuff so just gonna give you a heads up.

Tuesday, January 22 Foo Fighters / Jimmy Eat World / Against Me! @ Toyota Center
Attention ladies! The Foo Fighters are in town and David Grohl will be singing to you and only you tonight the Toyota Center. The other bands suck but it's a small price to pay.


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