Monday, January 7, 2008

The Hootenanny - A True Testimonial.

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 6:36 PM

"Brothers and Sisters
I wanna see a sea of hands out there.
Let me see a sea of hands.
I want everybody to kick up some noise.
I wanna hear some revolution out there, brothers
I wanna hear a little revolution.
Brothers and sisters, the time has come
For each and every one of you to decide
Whether you are gonna be the problem,
Or whether you are gonna be the solution.
You must choose, brothers, you must choose.
It takes 5 seconds, 5 seconds of decision.
Five seconds to realize that it's time to move.
It's time to get down with it.
Brothers, it's time to testify and I want to know,
Are you ready to testify?
Are you ready?

Roll Call!

John Sears!


The Jonx!

Panic In Detroit!

The Mathletes!

Something Fierce!

The Dimes and Mlee Suprean!


Indian Jewelry!

Love to ADR, Ben Murphy, Anna Garza, and the Mink.

Apologies to Awesome; sorry, I wasn't able to get in the room to snap a photo.
Also in case you have no idea who the MC5 are, the opening paragraph quotes Brother J.C. Crawford.

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