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Hot Lixx Huluhan: The world's greatest air guitarist

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It's an honor to say that this guy is my friend. While some bands try to push their records and still have to make their own fliers to promote their shows Hot Lixx Huluhan (Not to beconfused with Hot Lips Houlihan) here is
traveling the world, jamming stadiums, and laughing at every guitarist in the face.
Hot Lixx Huluhan is the one greatest air guitarists in the world. Placing first place last year in the world championships and this year placing in second Hot Lixx is the raddest guy on Earth.

FP: People train to be boxers, magicians, skateboarders, and swimmers. You challenged the world through air guitar.
How did it feel to be the greatest air guitarist in the world.

HL: My favorite part was being recognized as a world citizen as opposed to an “American”. I also liked the part where people both respected and laughed at me. That’s having my cake and eating it too.

FP: This year you placed in second place now making you the 2nd best air guitarist in the world. Do you feel stripped away now that the belt now belongs to France.

HL: The way things turned out was poetic. I have been ‘battling’ Ocean for four years now – he wins, I win, he wins, I win…so for both of us to tie, on the world stage, for 2nd place is pretty awesome. I mean, if you’re gonna go down then 2nd place is a pretty good place to drop. And the Frenchman was, in the words of the secretary from Ferris Bueller, a righteous dude. I was proud to pass along my crown to him.

FP: USA's Spark bingin' William Ocean followed at 2nd place. What has USA been drinking to gain such high scores in the AGWC?

HL: I think the U.S. has a very expressive style. An eastern European competitor once told me American routines are like Hollywood blockbusters – always too much stuff going on. He may be correct but I think it helps to have extra showmanship when you are one of 20 people trying to make an impression. Everyone at the world level is exceptional at the craft so to stick out sometimes takes more umph – hence the bombasticity, or “American style.”

FP:What is the thought process of choosing your song that you perform during the preliminary rounds.

HL:Personally, I like songs that are mid-tempo but a little ahead of the beat and aggressive. Something a little uncomfortable but perhaps…intriguing? Also, I like songs that promote awkward sexuality.

FP:And what about your uniforms.

HL:While this is at times my job (how sweet is that???!!) I have no uniform.

FP:As of late there is a new competitive sport called Air Sex. With your knowledge in the air world how do you feel if you pulled a Michael Jordan
and went on to another sport such as Air Sex.

HL:If there is one thing competitive air guitarists can laugh at it is the air sex community.

FP:Now being a female performing air sex you get to perform reach arounds and blow jobs which makes the performance more visual other than a
you air fucking a girl. Would you keep it straight or would you go guy on guy.

HL:I’d probably incorporate some sort of fart erotica. Does anyone in the air sex world just pretend to sit at a computer and masturbate? I’d do that.

FP:I see that a lot of air guitarist all have their "tricks" while you on the other hand like to just perform your song with no gimmicks.
You master your songs to a T without stunts and tricks. Is this part of your package or will we see tricks in the future.

HL:First I would like to thank you for inquiring about my package. While it plays only a small part in my routines (ooo, pun not intended), it is not the centerpiece like it can be for many other air wankers. The trick to air guitaring is make it somehow look like you’re NOT masturbating. I try ‘tricks’ from time to time but they don’t always work so I use them sparingly. One year I broke a fake bottle over my head. The pictures looked good and the crowd seemed to enjoy it but I still lost (to Ocean). Then next year in Des Moines a kid named Joseph of Airemethia broke an actual New Castle bottle over his head and I felt like such a poser. Tricks are cool but I’m more into themes now. Like Tetrad or Awesome (, those guys make characters and just run with them with no regard for cool. I LOVE that!



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