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Interview: Mike Hardin

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By Omar Afra Photo by Mitch Cantu

Every city should have a Mike Hardin. The frontman for Roky Moon and Bolt and member of American Sharks dabbles in everything and constantly finds ways to push his personal envelope. His glam-laden songwriting for Roky Moon and Bolt draws from the likes of Bowie and T Rex yet is unmistakably Houston. What that means, I am not sure, but they have being playing many a show to much acclaim and played a jaw dropping set at Summer Fest. Hardin has a cornacopia of clutchness planned for the near future including a rock opera, a split 7 inch, and a rumored performance on the rooftop of the Mink. Hardin honored us with an interview and gave us the scoop on it all.

Is this a collective songwriting process or are you the Joseph Stalin of Bolt?

Well I write all of the songs but BOLT arranges their own parts. They basically take the shell of song that I present to them and help me make it not not suck! We make a hell of a team!

Is Five Dollar Fame about someone in particular? Can I have her number?

Five Dollar Fame is about a character I call the lioness. She is a beautiful but trashy celebrity model that is hopelessly addicted to drugs and fame. Oh, and sex and money of course. She is one of the main characters in the rock opera I am working on. You may not have her number because she is mine.
I heard rumors that ya'll and Chase Hamblin may release a 7 Inch together. Is this true and is it possible to have a more effeminate combination?

I would absolutely love to do a Chase Hamblin split. I just want to find someone to put it out because I don't have any money...BUT I also see many more amazing things that we can do together. Maybe he would be down with the idea of a split where I write the song he plays and he writes the song I play. Maybe just to man it up a little we will hold an arm wrestling competition to win free copies of the record!
Standard regurgitated question: Who are your favorite Houston bands?

BENJAMIN WESLEY! Love him, he rules. Chase Hamblin, for sure. Elaine Greer, Passengers, Ghost Town Electric, anything Bryan Jackson is doing! Springfield Riots, News on the March and Grandfather Child! Muhhamidali and Guitars, Tha Fucking Transmissions.

So you sound Glam but you don't look Glam. When can we expect some mascara and eye shadow?

I think we have decided not to go the makeup route but I would expect a little something special coming soon...Chad is cookin' up some ideas.
Fill in the blanks: Houston is the music capital of the universe because ____ has more ___ than a ___ has ____.

Aaron Echegaray has more soul than a KFC has grease!

Tell us about the Rock Opera you're working on.

The rock opera I am working on is going to be a sci-fi love story adventure. We are doing a couple of different splits but we also want to do our own record and I wanted to do something special. I feel like I am writing the some of the best music of my life and I felt just doing a regular album was something I had already done before and I want this to stand out and be an experience that sticks in peoples' minds for a long time. The piece that I am arranging right now is the beginning of a what I think will be a three part series. I don't want to go too much into the story right now but it will be all about the lioness and this man Avery and how they find each other and how they help each other to grow by relying on the love they share. Meanwhile there are space battles, sex, plenty of drugs and of course rock n' roll all around them and they are met with a series of challenges and they must rely on one another to get through it all. This will not however be soft and lofty. This, as any good rock opera should be, will be littered with screaming guitar solos and huge riffs, thank you Aaron Echegaray, and Jeoaf's signature beat the shit out of the drums thump. Then I want to do an actual stage show when it is complete. With costumes and set designs and stuff, get extra musician to help. Maybe even a string section! I was thinking of trying to convince the guys at the Mink to let us do it on the roof. Maybe clear the back parking lot and have the stage on the edge of the roof....we'll see...

Does it involve boobies?

Yes it involves boobies. TONS of boobies!

What is next for Roky Moon and Bolt: Slow Demise, Blaze of Glory, or Public Shame?

BLAZE OF GLORY!!!! Had I picked anything else Cassie would have quit the band I'm sure (believe it or not she is the wild one of us!)


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Mike ROCKS !!!! The Peptide Lab was not quite big enough to hold your talent...


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