Wednesday, September 9, 2009

King Kong or Manny Shaquiao?

posted by Mills-McCoin @ 7:51 PM

There’s nothing “real” about Reality Television. Nothing. It’s scripted; and worse for your health than smoking cigarettes. The only (and by God, I mean ONLY) TV show worth watching to quench your reality TV thirst is “SHAQ VS.”! Holy hellfire, I’m not kidding. You will chuckle chuckle chuckle your ass off.

My suggestion is for you to watch Shaq (self-proclaimed “Manny Shaquiao”) take on Oscar de la Hoya, who actually comes out of retirement for this particular shenanigan. The tale of the tape alone is hysterical. Shaq- seven feet & one inch. De la Hoya- five feet & ten inches. That’s a 16 inch difference. Shaq weighs 325 lbs. De la Hoya weighs less than I do.

Click here to watch


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