Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If you have ever wished to witness the darkest, most visceral images of war, then go see Javiere De Villota:DeHumanization Echo at the Station Museum

posted by Free Press Houston @ 1:17 PM

The Station Museum has always nudged the boundaries of what is 'kosher'. But showing now is an exhibit that tests the limits of one's stomach and wherewithal by bludgeoning the most dark and abhorrent images into your mind. Houstonian Javiere De Villota's Dehumanization Echo drives home the fact that our narratives of war and suffering are starving for images and depictions to cling to. We hear 1 million Iraqis have died but we have no way to internailze it. Take a step into the Station Museum befroe this gruemsome show ends and you will be on your way. The exhibit features all hand made cadavers, war scenes, dead animals, and split open abdominal regions which were ostensibly bombed, brutalized, shot, and such. Not for the kiddos obviously. Villota's work has been paired with Height's phenom Jesse Lott whose voodoo-esque wire configurations wear permamnent hard-ons and display gem -ike internal organs. Does that explain it to you? Yeah I know, just go see for yourself.

Through May 17, 2009
The Station Museum of Contemporary Art is located on the corner of Alabama and La Branch. Open Wed – Sun, 11am – 6pm. Admission is always free.


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