Monday, May 4, 2009

Interview: Rick Lowe of Project Row Houses

posted by Free Press Houston @ 1:28 PM

By Omar Afra

Most artists could only wish for their work to have a transformative effect on their community. Their effect is ultimately bound by the respective work they do. But creator of Project Row Houses Rick Lowe's work is transforming his neighborhood. Since 1991, Lowe has both renewed and beautified Houston's 3rd Ward with his imaginative restorations, creative social programs (for lack of better description), and injection of artistic spirit into a community that sorely needs it. By adopting properties, organizing creative programs for kids, and generally giving people the tools to be creative in their community, the 40 something envelope-pusher has left an indelible mark on the 3rd Ward. One program, the Young Mothers Residential Program, has offered free housing to single mothers while in college since 1996. We had the pleasure to interview him and take a peek into his remarkably young looking head. Thanks Rick.



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