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Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - December 13th Edition

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-A weekly blog where I highlight one show I definitely expect to attend (see *) and throw in a few more that I'd like to and might see given the money and the time.-
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Well, circumstances were such that I didn't get out as much as I would have liked but the good news was that I was able to make my way to Sound Exchange last Friday where the Dimes told me about their having to change their name to some as yet undetermined name. No worries, as long as they get their follow-up album with all that cool new material they've been playing out sometime next year as promised they can call themselves Air Supply for all I care. Word of mouth had it that their set was, despite the ban, was indeed smoking. Despite my missing their set I was at least able to catch the Hearts of Animals set which only went to exemplify why Mlee Suprean's is such a singular and unrivaled talent. It's impressive to see a solo performer command a room like Mlee Suprean. It's nothing fancy - solid songwriting, great vocal phrasing, a brilliant ability to apply the tools at hand, and an ability to improvise when thrown a curve ball. She is very much in that very exclusive group of musicians who make any endeavor you do seem small and insignificant in comparison. If anyone had questions as to why she's been getting so much press this performance had all the answers. The crowd certainly ate it up.


(with day shows at Walters - All Ages)
Too many Bands to list for more info see:

Ya gotta hand it to Travis of He Said She Said Productions - this is an impressive little festival highlighting three aspects of Texas Garage. Friday brings you the more traditionalist garage with firm roots in the 60s; the Ugly Beats sound like the 60's never ended and we still have scars from the last Born Liars, Monocles, Welfare Mothers show from a few weeks ago which played like the kind of teen party you used to throw when your parents left you alone in charge of the house. Saturday, the stage belongs to the more pop punk bands who are best exemplified by Something Fierce whose split 7" is hands down one of the best songs of 2007. Sunday night highlights the Texas Psych tradition with two notable reunions. First there is the Mirrors who, while channeling the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, have an organ fueled joy of their own and secondly there is The Mike Gunn whose psych sound is tuned to the looser definition of psych heralded in the UK's Ptolemaic Terrascope. Both bands haven't played in a while and this may likely be the only Mike Gunn show we will ever see in our lifetime. Oh yes and there is a band called Hearts of Animals also performing before the Mike Gunn whose brilliance you may have heard me go on endlessly about.


*Saturday December 15
Wols, The Wiggins, Terry Suprean, Wolf Explosion, Mlee Marie
@ The Proletariat
Were it not for Texas Gone Garage this would easily be my spotlight for the week particularly due to the fact that Wols head-honchess Amye is moving to the UK and this is likely your one chance to hear her music live. There is only one song posted on her myspace but I love how she uses a sparse arrangement to allow the song to breathe and take a life of its own. Given her bare bones solo work it will be fun to see how she translates her songs with a full band. Also, performing is Mlee Suprean in her acoustic Mlee Marie guise whose song "Broken Horse" has been cycling on my Itunes for the last week. Highly recommended.

*William Boone: A Man's House is His Coffin.
Friday, December 14
@ Domy Books
7 - 9pm
(Show runs through Friday, January 18)
Hey, William Boone isn't just all about LAWS he's also an artist. Come out to his art opening and see what else he does aside from scream and sweat in front of a microphone.

For more show listings I recommend you look at the calendar at Space City Rock

Full Disclosure: my band which will remain unnamed is playing at Texas Gone Garage. Normally I would by default not mention the show because of that but this is just too good a festival and the work behind putting together such an endeavor is deserved of my spotlighting it. I have engineered and performed on a few Mike Gunn albums.

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