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Where do I even start with this Brooklyn band? No words that I could ever write to appraise this band will ever amount to what they are. If this is your first time to know about this band then congratulate yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for finding this blog. They are The Drums.

Interview with Jonathan Pierce (vocals)

Jacob:To my knowledge The Drums have not done any heavy touring in the US, but you guys seem to love Europe. Could this because of the label that is supporting you?

Jonathan: No, we have only done one tour to date, and that was last month in the UK and Europe. We do like Europe a lot, but the reason we toured there first is because things are moving even faster there for The Drums. There is huge excitement for us, so it made sense to tour there. We did some light US mini tours, I guess, but nothing full-blown. That is coming soon.

Jacob: And I see that you guys are selling out at every show over seas! How does it feel to be a new band and to be doing this well at such a fast rate?

Jonathan: It is pretty surreal. I mean, since this band's first show was last May in NYC, we were sorta plunged into the deep end. We feel lucky because we are being received all over the world, and have never once had to compromise anything. We do only what we want to do, really. Only what feels right.

Jacob: Now you guys are performing Austin's very own SXSW will you guys be touring to this parade or will you be flying out because I see just after this you guys are going back to Europe.

Jonathan: No, we have a lot to do in NYC over the next two weeks, so we are flying in. I wish we could drive. I love being on the road in America, it's like being in a movie.

Jacob: Not to get fanboy on ya but you have not been around for very long and just off that record I can say you guys are my favorite band right now. How do you feel that this might be a lot of people's opinion on your band right now.

Jonathan: Well thanks. That's very nice of you to say. If we are a lot of peoples favorite band, well, I think that's really nice, but you should check out The Smith Westerns. Those guys are cool.

Jacob: When I listen to your record I hear The Cure, Joy Division, and The Smiths. These were bands that were formed when we were just lads and now it's 2010 and your band has decided to pick up that style and rejuvenate that sound. Do you suppose this is why the media is creating all the hype that you guys well deserve?

Jonathan: Maybe... But I think it's more about a band finally not caring about production or even genre really and just focusing on The Song again. Everyone forgot about The Song and we are doing our best to bring it back. Simple and classic. I think what happens is everyone who starts a band these days tries to be really edgy and hip and new and weird, and we are actually anti-edgy. We rely on classic songwriting and classic melodies and classic subject matter. Tried, true, and pure.

Jacob: So this is your first SXSW. What are you hoping to bring on stage that will set apart from other bands?

Jonathan: We just try to keep things as simple as possible. We are very enthusiastic about what we are doing, so hopefully that shines through.

Jacob: When not performing during this week what bands do you guys want to check out?

Jonathan: I'd like to see Best Coast and The Smith Westerns.

Jacob: And last, what upcoming bands are you guys diggin' on that you guys learned about from your Europe tours.

Jonathan: Nighthawke!

THE DRUMS will be performing at SXSW at the following venues:
Friday 19 March - THE FADER FORT @ 3:45pm (FREE IF YOU RSVP)
Friday 19 March - NME Showcase at Latitude @ 1:00am (BADGE PEEPS GO IN FIRST)
Saturday 20 March - with Minus the Bear at Stubb's @ 10:00pm (expect to pay $20) (heads up on this twitter to get the updates on the RSVP)


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