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Rollins, Henry Rollins... at the House of Blues

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By Anna Garza

Henry Rollins is the perennial Renaissance man: spoken word artist, poet, publisher, actor, radio DJ, talk show host, current lead singer of the Rollins Band and former lead singer of the seminal 80's punk band, Black Flag.

The last time Henry Rollins was in town for a spoken word gig, he captivated the audience with accounts of his world travels, celebrity encounters, awkward and unrequited crushes, etc. He spoke for nearly three straight hours too. THE MAN CAN TALK!

It is not classified information I am a huge Black Flag / Rollins fan;
so when the opportunity to interview ole Hank presented itself, I envisioned being regaled by tales of kings and queens, angry mobs, magical flowers and sunsets. After all, THE MAN CAN TALK!

Or so I thought.

Maybe I caught him during his time of the month. Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe my questions were absurd.(Definitely the former and not the latter.) Whatever the case may be, one would assume a man who has made a career as a spoken word artist, poet, publisher, actor, radio DJ, talk show host, current lead singer of the Rollins Band and former lead singer of the seminal 80's punk band, Black Flag could give a proper interview. I would have even settled for a mildly entertaining one.

That being said, I will be the one hanging out by the tour bus after the show vying for a Rad Rich/Henry Rollins "20 Years Later" photo op.

FPH: Have you heard the Dirty Projectors' "remake" of the Damaged album? If so, what are your thoughts about it? (For the unfamiliar,the Dirty Projectors' Rise Above record was a "reinvention" of the 1981 Black Flag classic, Damaged, except remade from memory after band leader,Dave Longstreth, claimed to not have listened to the record for almost 15 years.)

Henry Rollins: I have never heard it. Black Flag is Greg Ginn's band,
I really have no attachment to it at this point.

FPH: I was in attendance for your last spoken word show at the Meridian, it was vastly entertaining. You definitely have the gift of the gab. What new topics are you going to discuss?

Henry Rollins: I will be talking about the places I have traveled to recently and about things that are happening in our beautiful America at present. There's a lot going on.

FPH: Are you familiar with the recent John Mayer Playboy interview controversy? What do you think about his comments concerning having a "hood pass", using the word "nigger" and calling his penis "a white supremacist"?

Henry Rollins: This kind of thing really doesn't register with me,
it's right up there with Tiger Woods.

FPH: You have performed countless shows in Houston as a member of Black Flag, Rollins Band and as a spoken word performer; do you have a favorite restaurant? Favorite pre and/ or post show hang out spot?

Henry Rollins: No. I do the show and get down the road.

FPH: Are you planning on releasing new records and/or books (your own
or from other bands) on 2.13.61?

Henry Rollins: We're just doing my stuff at this point. It allows us
to be very effective. With things the way they are in the marketplace,
it's risky to put out anyone's anything. My stuff does well, so we
stick with what works at this point.

FPH: You just had a birthday a week and a half ago, how did you celebrate it?

Henry Rollins: I was on the radio that night. I have a radio show and this year, I am rarely so it's rare that I can be live on the air. Not the most exciting story but I was happy to be at the station and working.

Tuesday February 23, 2010

Henry Rollins @ House of Blues – 1204 Caroline Street

Doors: 07:00 PM Show: 08:00 PM All ages

$15.00 - 4 Pack - General Admission $20.00 - Standing Room Only $25.00 – Balcony $25.00 - Reserved Floor


At March 9, 2010 at 1:08 PM , Anonymous RoB said...

That has to be Rad Rich on the left. I don't think he has aged since the early 80's.

At March 22, 2010 at 12:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

basically told you to shut the fvck up and get your wannabe "column" out of his face ....didn't he


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