Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bluegrass Pickin'

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On Tuesday March 9th, Avant Garden presents The Soft Legs Tour (http://music.cedarway.org/joegarner/Blog/Blog.html) with special guests Oh Clementine!, Able Windham, and Eric Todd. Soft Legs is three Tennessee songwriters (Joe Garner, Randolph Robinson, and Matt Haeck) who have teamed up for a singularly unique musical experiment. Soft Legs is not a ‘band’ in the traditional sense of the word. On stage Garner, Robinson, and Haeck each sit with their acoustic guitars and trade songs and talk with each other and the audience in a sort of songwriter’s circle that creates a genuine intimacy that is sometimes rare in the world of popular music, an experience that feels more like a workshop or an evening with close friends than a traditional rock concert.

With tones that immediately recall deck chairs, fireflies, and easy laughter, The Soft Legs Tour brings with it all the pastoral candor and charm that West Tennessee has to offer. The trio’s layered vocal harmonies and catchy southern hooks threaten to carry you away on a river of honesty and hopeful longing for the possible and impossible alike. Individually, Joe Garner, Randolph Robinson, and Matt Haeck all have solo careers of their own, but together they each provide a seamless compliment to the others’ unique skill sets. This is their second such tour, and, in addition to this Houston show, they will be playing SXSW dates on March 17th and 18th.

Oh Clementine! is the solo project of former Sew What instrumentalist and singer Rachel Toombs. A Houston native, Toombs’ enigmatic lyrics and fanciful melodies have helped her carve out a niche for herself as one of the real gems of the Houston music scene. An experience not to be missed, this will only be Rachel’s second show as Oh Clementine! and will certainly be a distinct pleasure for anyone lucky enough to catch it.


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