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Jen and Nate plus GREAT!

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By: Jacob Calle

Jen and Nate are aerialists who travel the world doing what they love, and this is performing acrobatic stunts that leave glorified. So why pay full price when you're only going to be sitting on the edge of your seat?

Jacob: So lets start where we met. You guys bought a trampoline, came to Texas for the Americas Got Talent show, and from there I thought that I'd never see you guys again, but then i see you at the Britney Spears concert being a part of her "circus" tour. I am in my seat and i was blown away when I saw you! So how'd you become part of her tour? (note to readers: I just happened to be near the Toyota Center when a girl came up to me and asked me to join her since she had a extra ticket. I ditched my friends. And yes, it was pretty good. hahaha)

Jen and Nate: We had been working together for two years creating our trampoline act & silk act. We also had been training & conditioning almost every day, in addition to marketing ourselves. Throughout the two years of being partners we have created our own company, Jen & Nate LLC, we have created our own official website complete with pictures, videos, & Jen & Nate merchandise. In the beginning, we were very familiar with rejection, but when you knock on a hundred doors, one is bound to open.

In January of 2009, Nate got hired as an aerialist on the Britney Spears Tour, he of course accepted the offer, I was devastated. Nate assured me that he would make this tour work for us. He was hard at work while on the tour promoting our videos to everyone. I would then fly out often to meet the cast and show that I was actually real! Six months after Nate joined the tour, I finally became a member of the Britney Spears Tour! This story proves that perseverance pays off!

Jacob: You have now traveled all over the world demonstrating your performance! All those shows I'm sure are all rehearsed and all the same right? Any special shows that stick out that was your favorite?

Jen and Nate: Even though we were performing the same act on the tour, every show had it’s unique qualities. We were always pushing to improve. We strive to fly higher, hit music accents harder, smile bigger, & connect with our audience more.

The show’s that were the most special to each of us were when our family & friends were able to come watch us. To have your family & friends be a witness to one of your biggest professional moments was amazing and crazy at the same time. In certain cities it would get chaotic to arrange tickets & seats for 50+ people. One of our most challenging shows, Nate had a fever pushing 105’. Symptoms included, uncontrollable shaking, sweat pouring from his body, & extreme nausea. Britney’s management had already cancelled us out of the show that night, but we were determined to perform. We have a picture of a Dr. giving Nate a shot in the butt, an IV in his arm, while on the phone negotiating with Britney’s management. They eventually allowed us to perform, & ironically it was our best show!

Jacob: You two fell under the spot light rather quick. Did you have any notion that this fame would come?

Jen and Nate: Yes, we knew the fame would EVENTUALLY come, but it didn’t come quick or easily. I had been involved in tumbling for seven years in my youth. Nate had been performing for 11 years, with an additional 20 years of gymnastics experience. While working together we hit additional road blocks that average entertainers don’t face. It was years of training & our confidence that eventually put us in the spotlight.

Jacob: You two are very inspiring people. I see you as a girl with a lot of capabilities. What do you have to say to people who also don't have legs and putt around in their wheelchair watching TV?

Jen and Nate: I would give them the same advice I would give anybody else. We all have capabilities that need developing.. As long as you’re able to set goals and strive for them, you’ll lead a happy & rewarding life.

Jacob: So now you are doing this as a living. How did you meet you two meet?

Jen and Nate: I was working at Disney World. I would be watching the shows thinking I can do this, I just need someone to teach me! I would talk to one of my managers and tell her how I had a passion for getting back into some form of gymnastics, she suggested I meet this guy, Nate. We met face to face, but I had no opportunity to show him any skills. Unbelievably, he believed everything I told him I could do. He was leaving on a tour and would be gone for three months, we started our training over the phone. When he returned three months later, I was finally able to show him what I could do in the gym.
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Jacob: With all this success you have done this without legs. I'm assuming you do not consider yourself handicapped right? Because when I look at you I see you doing things that I can't even do. Are there any times where you are like,"Shit, I can't do that."?

Jen and Nate: Yes, there are times when I might think I can’t do something, but it’s no more than the average person. If there is something I want to do, I will find an alternate route and make it work.

Jacob: And that is amazing! And that's what I love about you! So you play baseball, volleyball, surf, dance, flip, jump. When are we going to see you skydive?

Jen and Nate: It’s funny you mention skydiving! I’ve been planning on taking the plunge now for about a year. I’m sure there will be pictures soon on our website!

Jacob: Well I can't wait to see them.There are people like you and Aaron Fotheringham who has Spina Bifida and can do a back flip on a ramp in his wheelchair. Why do I feel like the one right now with the disability?

Jen and Nate: Our goal is always to help people, sometimes people have barriers in their mind that prevent them from reaching their goals. We are trying to wipe those away. These barriers are what sometimes makes people feel disabled. In our performances we want to help our audiences remove these barriers.
There you have it, Jen and Nate. In words by Andrew W.K. "Never let down". Two very inspiring people that I know will give people faith and hope. I am happy to know them. For more information on these two whippersnappers check out their site below for more interviews, videos, photo galleries, and news. Thanks!


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