Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Interview : Female Demand

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By Omar Afra

Bass and drum duo Female Demand is fresh on the heels of a new album which they release New Year’s Eve and a string of clutch shows including another killer performance at Westheimer Block Party. The band has finally captured their gritty Lightning Bolt meets Zep sound by spending the time and treasure to record their songs at Sugar Hill. They are not very smart, charismatic, or good looking but they were kind enough to answer these questions.

In the right context, you guys may be one of the best live bands in Houston. Is it hard to play these monumental earth-shattering shows and next play to 6 mildly interested people?

Not really. We play music because we love it. Whether it's 30 people in the crowd or 4, we still play our best and kinda think of that show as a band rehearsal haha.

Earliest childhood musical memory?

Jon-being a little baby and having a little toy saxophone that blew bubbles. lol

Tell us about the new album. Why did you choose to go to Sugar Hill instead of recording the way you did your last ep? You know, the one where your super loud-shitty snare sounds like dropping nickels into an RC Cola.

Well we opted to record this particular EP at sugarhill because it was cheap. A good friend of ours introduced to one of the engineers there and he just let us pretty much have the studio for a whole night. It was definatly a better experience then when we recorded the first demo. And the drums do sound a whole more accessable. lol

Who do you fuck anyway?

Haha, we don't kiss and tell. But, if we had to be literal here, then I'd say we both always go with the ladies.

Female Demand. What does that mean? Are you qualified to explain what females demand?

Funny you ask. I don't think that we are qualified to explain what females demand. BUT! I can explain the origins of the name. It's the title of a Prefuse 73 song and I just thought that it sounded really funny when you said it out loud. It's kind of suggestive but at the same time it sounds like you're saying female to man or female the man. And I liked that it had that to it. That funny play on words...

Bradley has a bonafide legion of bass pedals he manipulates into sonic retardation. How often do you ever tell him " Hey just go with a clean tone?

Not often to be honest. Each pedal has it's specific use and meaning and Bradley really tries hard to not pack on a shit tone of pedals. If there was an easier way of carrying gear then we'd have a shit tone of stuff, but it just ain't like that.
Bradley-And plus, we love loud things, and what better way to make loud noises then with a Ampeg 6x10 and a Fender Bassman 300 and a bunch of pedals! haha

Fill in the blanks: Houston is the musical belly button of the cosmos because________?

Because we're hot....


At December 8, 2009 at 11:34 AM , Anonymous Geoff said...

Female Demand is dope. Go check em out on myspace.

At December 10, 2009 at 12:19 PM , Anonymous Mario Rodriguez said...

Good job fellas! What's up with the awkward answers though.haha Can't wait for that album!
We shall see each other soon, hermanos.


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