Friday, November 13, 2009

Cactus is Crunk-tus this weekend

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Our homies at Cactus are keeping it crunk this weekend so make sure and stop by while your taking your necessary breaks from the Block Party. Most importantly, there is free booze as always.

The Eastern Sea

Friday, 11/13 5:30PM
I don't usually schedule in-stores on the fly, but these fellas dropped by a copy of their fine new EP on Friday, and it's pretty freakin' great. Really a fresh indie pop sound with great vocals. They wanted to play for the Cactus crowd before their Numbers performance and we couldn't be happier.

Henry Darragh

Saturday, 11/14 1PM
Henry has crafted a fine vocal jazz disc, Tell Her For Me, and he's performing at Ovations on Saturday to celebrate it's release. His Cactus in-store will be more of a stripped down affair without horns, so Henry will class up our joint with some jazz trio stylings. Maybe he'll break out the trombone for us if we're really nice.


Saturday, 11/14 4PM
These Colorado rockers will stop by Cactus to celebrate the release of their Atlantic Records debut. They'll play their hit tune Next in Line and you'll be able to say "I saw them at the record store before they sold a gajillion records". It's all about the bragging rights. We were disappointed that there are two guys in the band named Meese and that they weren't named after some kinda goofing on the plural of moose. Now that would be funny.


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