Friday, September 25, 2009

Danseparc comes to an end....

posted by Free Press Houston @ 10:32 AM

The quintessential Montrose dance party Danseparc will have it's last hurrah after going strong at Numbers for 7+ years. A little history: Danseparc was founded in 2002 by three enterprising young women. The music they played was diverse, reflecting their passion for obscure ‘80s new wave (Visage, Plastic Bertrand), wiry post-punk (A Certain Ratio, Gang of Four), contemporary electropop (Goldfrapp, Hot Chip), and the pop music of their youth (Madonna, ELO). They were among the first in Houston to recognize the burgeoning dance-punk scene, playing The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, Interpol, and Le Tigre before they became household names (at least among the indie-rock crowd). It wasn’t so much their technical skills that brought the crowds but rather their obvious love for the music.

Their absence will be huge not only to Danseparcers but to Numbers itself as it was one of the last regular events at the 30 year old club. Hopefully, whoever else steps up to fill the void will consider Numbers as a place to host their shindig...


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