Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grandfather Child at 230. But first, an interview.

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Grandfather Child will hit Stage 1 at 230 with their blue lickin' rock. But first members Ryan Chavez and Lucas Gorham sat down for a quick chat. Here's some of what they said...

What has Grandfather Child been up to?

Chavez: Extra curricular activites. Everybody is doing so many things musically we’ve been just trying to fit in time to write.

Gorham: That’s the problem with playing with dudes who are so ...

Chavez: ... in demand

Do you guys have enough songs for a full-length release yet?

Chavez: No.

Gorham: I would say we have eight.

How does that come into your live set? I noticed you guys always seem to keep things quick. You just hit us with 20 or 30 minutes ...

Gorham: Less than that.

Chavez: Three of the songs of the set go off for six minutes, so if you can’t tell that’s a good thing.

So, do you have a deadline for a full-length or any release?

Chavez: We’d like to have a full-length end of the year

Gorham: We have a 7”. We just need to get the money together to press it. Hopefully, we’ll do that in the next couple months.

You guys go on at ...

Gorham: 2:30.

Anything special folks should expect today? Plenty of six-minute jams?

Chavez: (Laughs) They're going to cut us off in the middle of the third song.

Here's to hoping that's not true. Catch Grandfather Child on Stage 1 at 2:30 as Summer Fest continues to forget it ever rained.


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