Monday, June 15, 2009

US Airguitar Championships hits Houston, TX

posted by Free Press Houston @ 11:33 PM

Air guitarists from all around Houston came to Warehouse Live to compete to win a chance at competing at the US Air Guitar finals in Washington DC. Saturday night showed that YOU can be the next air star. Joha Lopez came to support me, Jacob Calle (Golden Ghost) at the competition. After a few drinks Joha decided to sign up and went under the name, Mojo GoGo. She destroyed the stage and took it to the top with first place while I fell in 4th. "I have no idea what I was doing! I'm drunk!", says Joha. It is my duty to train Mojo GoGo to compete in DC. There she will compete up against the number one air champion in the world Hot Lixx Hulahan and along with Sparks fiend, William Ocean and more air guitar heroes. We two leave Aug 6th to DC along with supporter Emily Rose to get our airage on! Winner at the US Finals will be flown to Finland to compete the world finals. Good luck Mojo!

The link below is a video montage of air guitar, alcohol, and some beastiality with
Air Bear.


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