Sunday, June 21, 2009


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The moment I learned that Screeching Weasel was coming to town I set my alarm clock at 9:50am so that I could get my tickets when they went up at 10am. I bought 3 tickets for my two friends and me. We 3 were in a band in '97. Our only existence was because of Screeching Weasel. For one night I wanted to have us three together to reminisce the times we shared and the reason why we were involved in punk rock.
Joe Queer sings it best, Ben Weasel is an asshole. Without really saying hello or anything the band starts playing with an already aggravated look, but can you blame him? On the first song someone stole Ben's setlist, the mic wasn't working, and stage divers were in the way.
They played a slew of songs from each record. With short pop songs and playing them fast they must have played two hours worth of jams into one hour with a short encore.
Overall it was amazing. Screeching Weasel reunited so many friends together on this night. I saw many people hugging and saying how good it was to see them. I too ran into a lot of old friends from my Screeching Weasel days. I lost my shoe, my glasses broke, and my shirt was drenched in beer and sweat. It was perfect. I have now died and gone to punk rock heaven. I finally saw Screeching Weasel! Ben Weasel has been stated that there will be more Weasel shows in the future. So perhaps this is not just an exhibition. I'm happy to see that Ben is back at it again playing music. So now that I've seen this I am now expecting Jesse Michaels to go on tour with Rancid to play some Operation Ivy shows....please.


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