Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Soooo Saba @ SoVino

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Tonight at SoVino Bistro & Wine Bar (from 6pm to 8pm), there's an opening reception for local-ish artist Saba Jawda. 
Saba, now residing in Houston, left her home in Basra, Iraq in 1991.  Since 2002, Saba's work has been shown all over Houston and Texas; in New York and Italy.  She participated in the 2008 ArtCrawl and The Houston Press' 2009 Artopia.

"I use my architectural and design background to paint a spectacle of abstract paintings."

"My satisfaction comes from promoting the creative process and stimulating one's senses."
-Saba Jawda

Saba was sooooo nice to answer a few questions for us:
Is there such a thing as bad art?
No. Art is a form of self-expression and who is to question beauty in the eye of the beholder?

Do you think the commercialisation of "art" makes being an "artist" more "fun"?
A big part of art is having an avenue in which to showcase it... so I think this so called "commercialism" comes with the trade.

Are you going to come to the FPH WESTHEIMER BLOCK PARTY ON March 28th?
Perhaps. I love going out and discovering new talent and what my city has to offer.

Will you rise to Jedi status by walking around the Block Party, selling your art like a crazy gypsy?
Probably not...

Fair enough.

Tonite @ SoVino from 6pm - 8pm
507 Westheimer
Across from Dolce Vitta


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