Thursday, February 12, 2009

Skyline bids us farewell.

posted by Free Press Houston @ 10:57 AM

Today, our favorite local music blog ,the Skyline Network decided to close up shop. This is obviously a great loss to the local blogosphere and musical landscape.
I have loved Skyline, it's whit and 'ear to the streetness'. Thanks ADR for all the great work you have done and how much better you have made this town. But I gotta say, there is a self-righteous pontificating voice in the back of my head that says with your talents and insights, you have an obligation to the community you evidently so love to continue in some medium writing and disseminating info. Maybe that sounds silly but I encourage ADR to continue in any capacity. You are always welcome to contribute to FPH (my fat ass would do a somersault) but we hope to just be able to read your stuff somewhere even if ya can't pull it off as often as you have. Either way, thanks ADR.


At February 13, 2009 at 11:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boohoo! The guy 'does not have enough time for his blog'! 'This blog is draining the life out of me!'
Quit whining, Then pass that shit on to someone else and don't just leave it barren--maybe have an open posting policy where you give access to maybe 10-20 people who know whats good. They had a good thing over there but when people start paying attention, you can't just flake out!


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