Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Interview: Dee Rail

posted by Free Press Houston @ 8:38 PM

By Anthony Obi

"Cats love to steal my shit, I call 'em turd burglars."

Born April 2nd, 1985 was Dee Rail, a Houston based Hip Hop artist with a heart of (black) gold (more along the lines of the Texas tea variety than Care Bear-esque). He is a man passionate about good times, good wine, good music, and good pine. On his records he sings of introspective insights, pain & pleasure, night time escapades, and smashing the shit out of any rapper he deems to be lacking in the talent department. A member of Devin the Dude's Coughee Brothaz crew, Dee Rail assembles all-American stoner wit, boyish charm and lung wrenching inner city blues into a Martini-like shaken not stirred collage of rap-croons.


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