Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Cynical Election Day Scenarios

posted by Free Press Houston @ 1:27 PM

by Nick Cooper,

Whatever the outcome of the election, it is likely that both the anti-Obama and pro-Obama segments of the population will come out of it outraged, further splitting society. Instead of working together to fix any of the serious problems, Americans might put energy into fighting each other.

Here are some possible scenarios…

If the Republicans allow Obama to be accepted as the winner without a big fight, a significant portion of the population will still think that the government has been taken over by socialists or terrorists. Various groups and maybe some governmental agencies could organize to impede the Obama government through spurious lawsuits and a massive PR campaign. These could resemble or outdo the Whitewater / Lewinsky investigations. Obama may try to reach compromises and if so, may be seen by his base as corrupt or collaborating.

If the Republicans manage to disenfranchise enough votes, rig enough voting machines, initiate damaging lawsuits, or assassinate Obama, they could possibly give McCain the presidency, or try to leave Bush in office until it is cleared up. Significant portions of the population might riot, giving the government pretext for more extensive police state tactics.

A right-wing leader figure could emerge who lacks McCain's "centrism." It could be someone like Palin, or possibly someone from outside the realm of politicians. This leader would probably be a white, and could use divisive issues like gay marriage or immigration to rally the masses, either trying to win a 2012 election or to develop extra-governmental power through associations with armed groups or clandestine services.

Another option is that we could all come together and live in peace and harmony, and get to work on fixing the messes we have made.


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