Saturday, October 25, 2008

HEALTH was insane-o. Freals.

posted by Free Press Houston @ 10:17 AM

Last night's 'Hodgepodge of 100 bands' was quite the spectacle. Despite getting rained out Wednesday, gaggles of scumfucks came out to witness the performance that is HEALTH in all it's glory. Preceded by The McKenzies, B L A C K I E, Female Demand, and the Wiggins, HEALTH brought the full bore of their noise-rock shenanigans. The crowd spilled onto the stage like a soccer riot. Fights nearly broke out a dozen times. Don from Rusted Shut called HEALTH 'California Faggots from North Hollywood' (Truth be told, they are from South Hollywood). B L A C K I E made people remember why everyone is talking about him. Members of Cop Warmth conducted the mayhem much of the time. A guy on the street on the rail line was found dead. There was a schizophrenic girl randomly attacking folks and subsequently telling people exactly 'how good her pussy tastes.'Even Ryah Barazi was there telling people at the top of her lungs how she DID NOT attack Tim Dorsey for no reason at the Block Party. In fact, turns out Tim brutalized her arms with his filthy beard, shouted Portugese obscenities at her, and subsequently denied the Holocaust. Later, I took a dump down the street at the Magnolia Hotel. What a night.


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