Sunday, October 5, 2008

Parallax View best conspiracy film ever

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The Parallax View, a 70s film starring Warren Beatty and directed by Alan Pakula, may well be the ultimate conspiracy film of all time. On Monday nights in October the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston screens political themed films including a couple of my favorite conspiracy films.
Let's just review the historical record concerning assassination in America. The Parallax View compels the audience to confront inconsistencies in the Warren Commission and the assassinations of President John Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy, not to mention Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King. The Parallax View came out in 1974. You've all heard of the Zapruder film no doubt? Well that film in its entirety was never shown to the American public until 1975, and by no less than ABC correspondent Geraldo Rivera on a show called Good Night America. Up until then the only glimpse people had of the Zapruder film were single frames printed in magazines. Another film, Executive Action (1973) questioned the number of witnesses to the JFK assassination who'd died and explored the intelligence community's covert use of black operations. The Parallax View may be the most important film you see this year.
Pakula and ace cinematographer Gordon Willis stage the opening murder to mirror (cont.)



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