Thursday, October 2, 2008

Music Preview for the week of 03, September 2008

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 6:23 AM

Well here it is Thursday and everyone is psyched about the VP debates. Me, I'm prepared to cringe through an evening of Palin hitting her rehearsed points then running out the clock while Biden will surely talk and talk and talk as if there isn't a clock at which point I'll wonder "Isn't there a new Chowder on over at Cartoon Network?" Let's face it folks, this is nothing more than a political WWF match which, should you tune in, I suggest you accompany with copious amounts of alcohol. Seriously, if you are still hemming and hawing about who you are voting for at this point, you either just came out of a coma or you are nutters.

Whatevs! Thankfully elections, bailouts, hurricanes, and looming economic collapses are powerless for, much like a classic Village People film, you simply Can't Stop the Music. Damn straight (no pun intended) my campy 70's disco friends! Hell, this week we have the return of Dansparc, vampire films, old school punk and noise, Cactus takes on a full day of music, Pop, metal, hardcore... you name it... even Laurie Anderson pops into Houston this week. (Link)


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