Friday, June 13, 2008

This Week's Music Preview - June 13th 2008

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 11:23 AM

Have a drink in my stead for the next few weeks as I'll be going to the Terrastock Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. I'll still have the previews for you but no reviews of local shows for the next few Mondays at least from me. So here is where you come in. If you people want to send me your pictures and your short descriptions of your weekend endeavors I'll be happy to post some of your reviews on Monday during my time away. Use the e-mail below to send me your stuff by Sunday evening and, if it solid, I'll post 'em Monday morning. Don't forget to send me your name and if you didn't snap the picture at the show, I'll need some attribution. OK so get out there and snap some pictures and type up some stuff.

Now as for this week we have transatlantic Kenyan pop, Conan helps separate those worthy of sitting on Crom's mountain (the pictured Sharks and Sailors - worthy!) , Free shit at Cactus, River Oaks, and The Shady Tavern, not to mention a whole mess of other stuff. So read on and enjoy the weekend. (Link)


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