Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beirut Masboot (Beirut is good)

posted by Free Press Houston @ 12:30 PM

Sorry, I have been in the mountains , not at a terrorist training camp, the last few days without an internet connection or even continuous electricity. I have since traveled to Byblos which is the oldest inhabited city in the world, spent hours playing music and dancing with family, and eaten enough hummos to dam the Mississippi River. To give you a quick snapshot of this place, as I sat downtown the other night drinking the local wine, I heard ringing out load the following in such order: Islamic Muezzin performing the adhan ( call to prayer), Greek Orthodox church bells, and track 5 off the new Radiohead album. This city is evenly dotted with machine gun toting soldiers, emo-kids, and Hezbollah. Well- the video below will show you the primal power of one hand-drum in getting a whole slew of people to dance and go nuts round here. More soon- I promise....


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