Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where the girls are

posted by Free Press Houston @ 10:58 AM

To be a female musician in Houston..
By April Brem

When I first started becoming involved with music there was no notion that it was only for boys. Sure, all of the bands were full of guys, but when I was young all of my friends were guys so I just didn’t notice that things we’re more than a little off-balance. I just saw really cool people doing really cool things and couldn’t think of one reason why I couldn’t yell Prince songs to the strums of a tennis racket guitar (which was a Prince brand racket, oddly enough) to an audience of Ninja Turtles. But as I got older and replaced the catgut with round-wounds, I started experiencing first hand that not every 4-Point stag is keen to let you in on the Reindeer Games. Awesomely enough, in the past few years it seems that this “boys-only” rule is going the way of Jim Crow, Gay Marriage Bans and Grass Illegality. More and more guys are abandoning that outdated notion that only boys can rock & roll.
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