Saturday, March 21, 2009

Something to do in Houston Tonight besides curse yor friends in Austin.

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They say rats are the 1st to jump ship. Well, that's how I feel about all my friends that have forsaken me and went to that lil' ole festival in Austin called SXSW while I slave away preparing for next Saturday's Westheimer Block Party (Buy tix to evening if ya had not done so yet) . Oh, and they shall return soon with grandiose stories of hanging out with legends of modern music and how crunk they got together. Who ordered what, who freebased what, and who mainlined this and that. In the meanwhile, the few of us with jobs and bills are stuck here in Houston imagining the excesses of clutch-time shenanigans are friends are having. If you are on of these sad saps as I am, here are a few shows here in the H to peep tonight. I will be out flyering for the Block Party so maybe I will run into ya. Oh yeah- and it seems that our 'trifecta' of bloggers has flaked on us.

Phosphorescent, Listen Listen @ Orange Show

Gagakirise/Steve Kenney/Slither/New Pledgemaster/2 Dollar Sound @ Super Happy Fun Land

Los Skarnales at Meridian

South By Due East @ Dan Electro's featuring Ardis Turner, Patrick Brink, Teri Greene Band, Dr. King Cobra & The Texas Dub Crusaders, John Hogan Band, Chango Man, Little Screamin' Kenny, Celeste Terrell, The Blue Threads, Tressie Seegers, Skyblue72, Kris Moore, Tom Tranchilla & Buddy Allen, The Journey Agents, dirtymind, Celeste Terrell, Fahl & Folk, Generation: Landslide, & more

I-45, Given, Faceplant and a whole slew of local, resurrected rap-rock circa 1998 @ Fitzgerald's. Make sure to wear a visor and some ADIDAS.

Turbophile/Letters To Voltron/Vertigo/Silence Amongst Chaos @ Notsuoh ( Stay away from the windows)


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