Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday Folks. Saturday. The McKenzies, CeePlus, Southern Backtones, Marry Me, more.

posted by Free Press Houston @ 8:56 PM

Saturday January 17th is gonna be real_ass_clutch. Why? Because Free Press Houston loves local music. So much in fact we obsess over it. We like money too and that's why we have made this value packed 'bundle' of bands. We also like the Montrose and building a bacterial resistance so we are having this thing at Numbers. Why don't you go? Tim Dorsey will be there. And you know what that means: Young ladies. Hank from Southern Backtones will not be wearing panties. Fat Tony has promised us to give hot stone massages to every other lady in the house. Jordan from Marry Me is, well, he has scabies. But Cee Plus will be boxing female HPD in the parking lot. So it's gonna be eventful to say the least. There are even rumors that there will be toilet paper in the bathrooms. Don't hold me to it but it's at least possible.


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