Thursday, November 20, 2008


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The 16th Annual ARTCRAWL will take place Saturday, November 22nd. Join us for lots of great activities as we go green this year! In addition to over 80 artists and dozens of art spaces and studios the ARTCRAWL will feature biking and walking paths to encourage visitors to take advantage of the beautiful environment in our quirky downtown district. From the brick lofts and warehouses of the East End to the industrial outback of the Warehouse District a bike ride on a brisk fall day can help anyone appreciate Houston a little more. Involving the visitors in a dialogue with Houston artists in their living and working spaces, the ARTCRAWL strives to excel in arts expression, collection and education.

FREE is the password, the abracadabra of the ARTCRAWL; there is no entrance fee to any of the warehouses.

The ARTCRAWL will have extended hours this year from 10 am to 8 pm to accommodate visitors who want to visit it all, but never have the time. Established artists, emerging talents, food, entertainment and gifts are everywhere! Take advantage of the incredible range of artists in Houston to take home a piece of artwork that you can cherish forever. Organized by volunteers from its inception, the ARTCRAWL has grown from a small event into the experience it is today, highlighting not just the artists but the neighborhoods, the buildings and the restaurants and businesses in them. It is a true grassroots success story. There’s too many new people and new places to say you’ve seen it before!

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