Friday, September 7, 2007

Spot the Local Music Crumudgeon this weekend - Sept 7th Edition

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 4:32 PM

Being the local Music Writer I am going to make it a point of somewhat using this as a way of documenting the fact that I do get out and see shows. So every week I will post where I plan to be. You can use this in three different ways:

1) Take this as a recommendation from me.
2) Use this is a gauge to tell me if I keep seeing the same goddamn bands over and over again at the expense of exploring the scene.*
3) Use this as a way to know where you can find me so you can tell me to my face just why my columns are so awful.

So, to kick things off for this weekend, you will find me tonight (Friday 7 September) heading off to the Mink backroom for the Maserati, By The End of Tonight, Sharks and Sailors, Blades** show and also some kick ass DJ action downstairs. Either I'll see you there or you'd better be at any of the other good shows about town tonight.

*Confession - if Sharks and Sailors or Ume are playing I have to go, sorry!
** Blades will be featured in next month's column.


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